About Us

MIECCA is promoted by Saishashishekar Krishnarajanagar (Sai), a non-profit organization committed to promoting services to Frisco residents and basic education to underprivileged children in India.

Sai is highly passionate of serving the community and MIECCA provides an excellent opportunity to serve both his adopted country USA and his birth country India.

Giving back to community is Sai’s mantra. Through MIECCA he is committed to serve Frisco by providing non emergency ground transport to residents who are scheduled for chemo therapy.

The emphasis of MIECCA is empowering children through education to become an effective individual. We believe that education can diminish poverty in developing countries like India.  Our goal is to help any underprivileged child, regardless of status and background of the child.

Our History

Our Vision

Our Mission

MIECCA provides free non-medical emergency transportation for chemo patients for treatment. We are aligned with the community for purpose of addressing resident’s needs for accessing transportation to get treatment and other services.