Services we offer for Chemo Patients


Non-Medical Free ground Transportation.

MIECCA offers free non-emergency ground transportation to and from treatment. We believe that transportation shouldn’t be a barrier to cancer treatment.

We have volunteers that want the best outcome for all chemo patients that we transport.

We take our mission very seriously: encouraging in delivering the highest level of professionalism with every patient and trip. Our community services to Frisco helps chemo patients move promptly and comfortably from their residence to chemo treatment.


Focus on Education to Underprivileged Areas and Community Services.

MIECCA promotes self-sufficient and educated communities through proven approaches. We provide underprivileged children with essential academic and socio-emotional skills to initiate normalcy in their lives.

Our underprivileged education program strengthens children’s commitment to their own education, works with them to develop essential life skills, and increases support for education among communities.

MIECCA aims to inspire and support students to reach their potential, make participation in the community, and establish lifelong learning goals.

At MIECCA, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to gain education and learn. MIECCA believes in good quality education helps children reach their full potential and learn and thrive.